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PTV Old Long Play Lao Tou Mera Amal Nama

'Lao Tou Mera Aamal Nama' was a beautiful long play of Pakistan Television which was all about Moin Akhtar. The super star comedian performed a serious role in this long play and made it a memory for us. The drama was written by Tahir Shaikh and it was directed by M. Zaheer han.

Other actors in this drama included Mehmood Ali, Sahar Jalal, Latif Kapadia, Aslam Laatar, Muzaffar Nirala, Ahmad Temuri, Maqbool Ali, Sharafat Shah, Islam ud Din, Khalid Zafar, Muhammad Haidar, Farooq Memon, Hafiz Faseeh ud Din, Jameel Ahmad, Qamar Bhatti, Israr Siddqui, Muhammad Yaqoob, Sami Adil, Roshina Ali, Zeba Siddiqui, Mushtaq Darvesh, Tariq Parvez, Muhammad Khalid Zafar, Arshad Kamal, Asif Ali and others.

Moin Akhtar played the central role of 'Arsalan' in drama who is a journalist and finds a job of a reporter in a local newspaper. He is not very competent but soon learns how to capture everything. By the time he over takes the news paper and then expands his business further. He becomes a big name in business and now feels that he can buy everything and everyone with his wealth. He also blackmails people to avail illegal benefits and keeps going on.

Time changes and Arsalan starts losing his wealth and status and he faces litigations in some issues. He blindly tries to buy people to secure himself but finally he is sentenced prison. He then realises that wealth is not everything and money can not buy everyone.

'Lao Tou Mera Aamal Nama' was a good drama and highlights many moral lessons. Through this drama, we can once more see how Pakistan Television played a vital role in building the moral grounds of Pakistani society in the past.

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Lao Tou Mera Aamal Nama | Full Drama

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