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Watch full long play drama of the past of PTV which was a beautiful comedy written by Anwar Maqsood and directed by Qasim Jalali. Both Anwar and Qasim were authority in their fields of writing and direction on PTV in gone times and with their combination what a PTV drama can be, we know. 

The story of the drama is about three brothers who have become old and are not yet married and also have no jobs. They have one married sister who loves her brothers very much. The three brothers while in effort to get married choose different fields of arts as profession. The arts are sometimes referred to as "Fanoon-e-Lateefa" in Urdu and as these three brothers make joke of the arts fields the drama was best given the title as "Fanooni Lateefey".

Anwar Maqsood acted himself in drama as one of the leading role. Lateef Kapadia and Talat Hussain became the other two brothers while Neelofar Abbasi was the sister. Arsh Muneer was also part of the drama with her ever super performance.

Watch this beautiful drama now:

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