Be Part of Us

Want to be our part? Yes, there are many ways you can be a part of PTV Old. But do remember that we are not part of Pakistan Television officially. We are working under the title of PTV Old to recall the memories of the past of PTV and we wish to play our role to bring PTV back to its real grounds.

You can be our part and you can add your contributions in ways as follow:

1- Write for us: If you know how to write, and you have knowledge about PTV, you can write articles for us and we will publish it on our website with your name.

2- Share Pictures & Videos: If you have any important pictures and videos related to PTV, you can send them to us.

3- Research with us: You can select any of the categories from our listings, and you can join us in researching. For example 'actors', where you can research on actors, their biographies, their works etc.

4- Spread the word: You can promote our works dedicated to the past of PTV on Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ etc.

5- Share memories: You can share your special memories regarding PTV and we will convert them in writings to further share with everyone.
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