List of PTV Old Compares

For the first time in history, we are compiling a comprehensive listing of different categories related to the Pakistan Television. It will include almost every major sector and it will be updated time to time with more entries and details. These lists will include people and data from 1960's to 1990's. To some extent it is a huge and time taking target but after it completed, it will be a historical asset. Keep coming back to check out the new entries in the listings. We are dedicated to keep bringing on more and more entries in each list. If you want to add some entry, simply mention it in comments and your suggestion will be added. This valuable work was expected to be done by the PTV authorities to protect the golden past of the institution but finally we are doing it here on PTV Old within our private and limited capacities. Why we are doing so is because hundreds and thousands of PTV lovers from around the globe daily search for different topics and they do not reach out the sufficient information. So, you will now find all PTV's past related information at one stop.

List of Compares of PTV Old

Now a days we call them anchors but in the past they were called compares. Here is the list of famous compares of the past of PTV who anchored the great shows and programs which are part of the memories. 

Click on the name of the Compare of your choice for further details: (Details for only entries marked "red" are available at the moment.)

  • Anwar Maqsood
  • Dildar Parvez Bhatti
  • Farooq Qaisar
  • Kanwal Naseer
  • Naeem Bukhari
  • Quratul Ain
  • Quresh Pur
  • Salma Baig
  • Ubaid Ullah Baig
  • Zia Mohyuddin

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